Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's hard to believe the Virg is almost 3 years old...

Life has a way moving on while you have stopped to smell the roses! Leo will be 9 this April and Virgil will be 3 in May.

Leo is definitely the boss of the house and Virg is still the kid - this morning he was chasing his tail in the bathtub - it always makes him happy. Between that and chasing Leo around the house - life is good for the Virg!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It could be a hug...
Boys will be boys and mine are all boy! I wish I had all the energy these two do. They rip around the house, leaping over chairs and running along the back of the couch like little wild kitties.
Now, of course, they are sacked out, resting up for the next race around the house.
Virgil had a little run in with a candle a few days ago - he now has a curly eye brow! He loves to smell things - this seems to have cured him when it comes to candles. Food is another story. Last night he tried climbing into my friend Diane's plate. Luckily, "no" is a word he understands well. He's got lots of energy but is really very well behaved. Except for the toilet paper - its so tempting the way it spins and piles up on the floor. I guess when you are a kid there's always something new to explore!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Latest On the Virg...

Sorry its been so long since I have posted an update on Virgil. He is doing well, sitting next to me now watching the letters I type intently - hopefully, he won't put out his claws as he swipes across the screen! Mr. V is growing nicely, about 8 pounds now and very happy. His main focus in life continues to be Leo - chasing Leo, jumping on Leo, trying to be everywhere Leo is, and eating. He is a very adventurous eater, nothing is safe if he can reach it. He's tasted tea (not a favorite), peppermint ice cream (that he likes), and all the milk products are a favorite - especially cheese and butter!

New photos to follow soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Relations are Improving!

Leo and Virgil are still doing well on the road to buddy-hood. Virgil is growing and learning new things every day. His major fascination is still Leo and his own tail. He still hasn't figured out that his tail will always be behind him and that Leo really doesn't like someone chewing on his tail. (Believe it or not, both on the bed at the same time is a big step!)

He's up to almost 4 lbs.; lots of muscles and a baby belly. He experimented with figs and watermelon this week. Food seems to be one of his passions right now and he's not afraid to try to try to get a sample from anyone.

His favorite toy continues to be a small stuffed elephant he drags around by the truck and beats up regularly. He also has a lobster about his size that he drags around by the claw. Paper, especially tissue paper, is also a big thrill. I'm not sure I have a magazine without tiny teeth marks right now.

My bedtime seems to be his time to get rambunctious and 5am seems to be his favorite time to cuddle. I've learned if I want any early morning sleep, sans baby wrapped around my head purring enthusiastically, I need to close the bedroom door. Luckily, the living room holds plenty of interesting things to occupy him while I sleep.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



& the VIRG

Its been 3 weeks since Virgil came to live with us and there might not be any cuddling yet but relations are settling out quite nicely. Virgil is eager to be best friends and Leo is slowly coming around. We've had some friendly wrestling and a few licks and nuzzles.

Can I play with your tail??